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Welcome to CICADA, the consolidated voice and solidarity of cultural and creative organizations and professionals in Cambodia

CICADA is a huge step forward for musicians, artists and all working in Cambodia’s cultural & creative sector.” Dara HUOT, Chair of CICADA Steering Committee

CICADA envisions a diverse and flourishing Cambodian society where cultural and creative industries are recognized, valued, and thriving. CICADA’s purpose is to represent and advocate for the cultural and creative industries to develop a sustainable and inclusive infrastructure to ensure that our sector is at the heart of political, economic and social decision-making.


CICADA researches, represents, advocates for and develops the capacity of its members. The goals of the CICADA are:

  • To strengthen ties and promote cooperation between public and private sectors to ensure that our cultural and creative industries are at the heart of political, economic and social decision-making
  • To research, develop and advocate for the sector in order to create a sustainable and inclusive infrastructure for effective national and international interdisciplinary collaborations
  • To increase and promote the professional skills and specialist knowledge of community members through the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

During 2021 and 2022, CICADA is collaborating with Cambodian Living Arts to launch the Association and to initiate projects in support of these aims. This is supported by funding from the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD).

Steering Committee for 2023-2025 Mandate


Steering Committee Chairperson

ONN Sokny

1st Vice-Chair, Steering Committee


2nd Vice-Chair, Steering Committee

Magnus Saemundsson

Steering Member

LIM Solinn

Steering Member


Steering Member

Steven Gargadennec

Steering Member

Secretariat Team

SO Phina


PO Sakun


CHEA Sopheap

Former SC Committee

PRIM Phloeun

Former SC Committee

MAM Laura Tevary

Former SC Committee Chairperson

Research Team


Consultant on CCI Indicators

Dr. YOUNG Sokphea

Former Research Mentor

SAY Tola

Former Research Coordinator

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