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Stand for Culture Fellows 2022

SANG Sokserey is a rapper, songwriter, and content creator. She is an artist of 208Entertainment and an original song artist at Pleng by Smart. She is a former student of TinyToones where she was influenced by both local and international artists. She writes various lyrics for NGOs focusing on women’s rights and safety in the city. Serey is a representative of Mekong Cultural Hub where she has the opportunity to connect Cambodian artists with artists from the Mekong region. She always finds the opportunity to use her music to influence positive changes

SORN Sokkheang is a journalist and video producer who has 8 years of experience in documentary productions about life, careers, and local businesses. Her mission is to identify well-known people in order to interview, write a report, and produce documentary videos about them. In the shows which are hosted by her, she interviews the guests about their business journey, experiences in business and financial management, and the creation of Cambodians for both domestic and international competition. She believes that videos are the best approach to inspire the younger generation and women to learn and apply in life and work.

IEM TithSeiha is a writer and filmmaker. He’s also a big dreamer. His artistic goal is to show and make his imagination enjoyed by many people. But his ongoing experiences tell him it’s not an easy task. He’s willing to learn more about social issues, history, science, psychology and even politics as well as a variety of forms, styles, structures in writing and directing. He believes that people from all social and cultural backgrounds will see and enjoy his imagination the way he does.

LACH Ratana was born in Battam Bang province. ​She likes reading books. She has started reading since she was young. After high school graduation, she continued her study in Phnom Penh at France Institutes, majoring in reporter and French teaching. After​ graduation, in 2006 she was involved in the press field before starting her job as a film documentation translator and later working as a document analyst at Bophana Centre. Nowadays, Ratana is a translator, writer, and publisher at Sipar Cambodia.   


RY MoniSovanya (Fia)is an independent artist and designer from Battambang. Most of her work is made up of street performances and paintings that reflect the general social reality to integrate knowledge and change negative mindset for the better, especially gender equality. She is currently the founder and director of the Arts and Mental Health Project, using the arts as a means of disseminating mental health topics in conjunction with women’s empowerment. Her project gives young people the opportunity to express themselves and their voices. The Arts and Mental Health project is supported by government institutions, NGOs, and private institutions.

MAM Senleaphea is more than 10 years experienced ADM and HR who has joined Phare Performing Social Enterprise since 2015. Leaphea is passionate in social works, strong attention, good collaboration and relationship with teams. She shows action rather than words and she enjoys trying new things. In 2019, Leaphea was a co-founder and actively organized arts event “Green & Grow ” out on stage of circus, theater, animation, and music band purposely fundraising for Children of Phare Punleu Selpak and raising awareness about plastics. 

MAO Kakada is an official at the National Authority for Sambor Prei Kuk (NASPK), working for the Administration and Finance Department responsible for staffing, and inventory of the State Assets of NASPK. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), majoring in Archaeology in 2015. After graduating, she worked with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts for four years with the Directorate General of Techniques for Cultural Affairs responsible for safeguarding, promoting Intangible cultural heritage, and coordinating with the Living Human Treasures. cultural heritage, and coordinating with the Living Human Treasures. 

Ya Ratha currently is working for Phare Performing Social Enterprise’s Production Manager. Ratha has been with the company since 2013, growing in skills and knowledge from customer services to logistics and sales production. Ratha has been conducting local and international tour performances to many countries through Phare Circus. Ratha is a key driver for TINI TINOU festival in 2014, promoting international arts and friendship in Cambodia. His proudest achievement at PPSE is developing his professional ability.

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