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Request for Proposal: Policy Review Consultant

CICADA is seeking proposals for: Policy Review Consultant, To conduct a review and develop a directory of policies related to status of the artist (for Cambodia)


CICADA (Cultural and Creative Industries of Cambodia Association for Development and Advocacy) is a newly formed Association, which envisions a thriving, diverse, empowered CCI that contributes to a flourishing Cambodian society. Our mission is to impact national policies through leading research, capacity building and dialogue to mobilise the development and growth of the CCIs for national and global recognition of Cambodian arts, culture and creativity. CICADA has five strategic priorities: advocacy and policy influence, research, membership, industry partnership, and organizational development.

In 2023, CICADA receives a grant from UNESCO Aschberg to implement a project on ‘Building a Knowledge-base to improve the Status of the Artist in Cambodia’. This project aims to advance the artistic freedom at a national level in Cambodia by addressing gaps in information that limit the capacity of civil society to effectively advocate for improved policies in relations to cultural and creative industries, in particular the status of the artist.

In order to capture the overall landscape of the status of the creative and cultural industries and the artist, CICADA is looking for a consultant in order to conduct a comprehensive policy review to build a profile of national and international laws and policies impacting the status of the artist in Cambodia.

The reason for this project is that generally not only is the arts community not aware of existing policies or legislation that apply to them but also lacks knowledge of their responsibilities e.g. with regards to working practices. This puts cultural workers (including artists) at risk of not complying with laws, or not being fully able to exercise rights and protections they are entitled to.

Skills and experience:


  • Previous relevant research experience
  • Has the ability to produce a directory that is easy to navigate and friendly for end users
  • Able to think about the big picture
  • Able to place him/herself on the shoes of people who are not familiar with reading policies


  • Has a strong interest in public policy especially policy related to arts and culture
  • Experience with the Cambodian arts sector
  • Has a wide knowledge of regional and international policies and legislation about arts and affecting the arts

Application Instructions:

To apply for this assignment please submit:

  • Cover letter, explaining your interest and qualification for this assignment
  • Brief proposal (maximum 2 pages) explaining how would approach the assignment
  • Resume, including 2 references
  • Application can be in English and Khmer
  • Submit your documents
  • Deadline: October 20, 2023.

“This project will be implemented in the framework of the UNESCO-Aschberg programme, which aims to support the design of new regulatory frameworks to protect and promote artistic freedom and the status of artists and cultural professionals”.

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